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I really should post on this blog moar – but then again who reads it when the audience reads most stuff on Facebook. Anyways, on the 20th January our very first remix album will hit the stores and streams. “Re:Arrived”. It features remixes both by well-known acts and newcomers because it’s always good to have both and I love promoting ’em.

Meanwhile I uploaded a live video from our first gig. Ever. Check it out below. I had quite some fun – shame there wasn’t enough space to move on the stage though.

Also there’s something coming in the next few months… and I got a lot of remixes from well known artists… You’ll like it… 😉

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“The Arrival” out now!

I’m happy to announce that our debut album is finally out! Right now it’s only digital, you can get it on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes or even stream it for free on Spotify! I’d be thankful if you put one of the tracks in your playlist or even follow Binary Division to stay up-to-date for new releases!
Meanwhile, have a listen:

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The Arrival: Preview

Hey, guess what. We are coming closer to release our debut album “The Arrival”. Meanwhile, have a prelisten mix here:

Of course, we’d love to see remixers. Contact me at neonsynth(at)binary-division(dot)com if you’d like to remix any of the tracks.

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New Download & additions

Wow!! So we hit the 500-likes milestone on Facebook. Know what that means? That’s right! Some goodies to your face. I’ve uploaded an old demo CD of ours. The songs may not appeal to you, but our style was more tranc-y back then. Thank you so much for your support, though!

But that’s not the only thing, I also changed some stuff on the homepage…

– The free downloads are 192kbps MP3 now. I’ve set up some mirrors in case a link doesn’t work – let me know though! If you want HQ downloads, you can buy them on Bandcamp for 1€ – 1,50€. CDs aren’t available yet, but this will change in the future.

– Remix Works: Here are the remixes we’ve done for other artists. I’ve included Youtube links and the link to the page where you can order/download it.

– Remix Kits: A remix kit of “Lone Circuits” has been added.

– To all artists: There are remix kits for the upcoming album. If you’re interested, get in touch with me!


It’s about damn time there’s some promoshooting for the upcoming album. Well, here they are.


100 likes on Facebook!

Wow! We hit the 100 likes mark in Facebook! As a “thank you”, I’ll leave you an early demo song from our old archives here. Please consider liking and sharing the page/music, as the next bonus will be there as we hit the 500 mark. What will it be? A surprise for now…


NeonStar Corp. [Early Demo] (6 MB) (192kbps)

Site’s up!

Finally got this shit up and for now it’s just basic stuff until I get time on my hands to add some design. However, feel free to check out the content – there is not much at the moment, but it’s the most important stuff for now.